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AES Ground

by Ravi Makwana

1.1 AES_Site.jpg
1.2 AES_Site.jpg

The Hostel Ground is open land that demarcates the end of the University area. With a metro station at one end, it connects to Vijay Cross road and Srishti Hostel Blocks, with a line of trees as a backdrop.

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2.2.3 Normal Day Mapping_Ravi.jpg
2.2.2 Festival day Mapping_Ravi.jpg
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The site is inhabited by huge numbers of people coming from different parts of the city, especially on Sundays, to play cricket. To do this, they form imaginary pitches on the ground. The site is also inhabited by exhibitions and expos of various scales that attract a huge number of people from all ends of the city. Thus the site, in general, attracts different parts of the city with various kinds of activities inhabiting the open pocket.

Re-defining the Edge

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