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Northern Green Belt

by Tanvi Patel

1.1 OGB_Site.jpg
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This site was a part of greenbelt, proposed in 1964 in Ahmedabad. The owners were not allowed to build anything on this patch until they won the case in 2012. In these 48 years, the development had extended the city, while keeping the greenbelt vacancy intact. After 2012, government has proposed different programs for the land through the new TP-scheme. These cover almost all of the vacant land and propose to make it as private as possible.

2. OGB_Mapping.jpg

Housing society mostly uses this ground as a shortcut while moving into the city. The users who use the site most and make it active, are coming from different parts of the city such as Nava WadaJ, Satellite, and Naranpura.

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The War of Narrative

Final Panel_Tanvi.jpg

The future functions have been rearranged, keeping in mind the current usage of the site and how it will be a part of urban fabric. The major idea is to connect other open grounds and make safer route for pedestrians and add a green patch on urban fabric.

"Re arranging the proposed functions in order to get larger consolidated green land to make it a lunge of the city."

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