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Hetvee Panchal

The project is based in a typical neighbourhood in one of the first suburbs of the city. The idea stems from a pre-existing condition on site, where a long string of open spaces are aligned but disconnected due to boundary walls. They are deep set within co-operative societies and act as common plots, for parking and otherwise. The deeper you walk into the neighbourhood, the more of these you see. A string of open spaces, where you can see them in a line, but can’t walk across. It forces us to imagine what it must be like looking across the boundary, onto another open space, empty, except for a few dust covered cars standing under sparse neem trees? And then to imagine long rolling greens in these spaces. To indulge in the urge to cross the boundary. To walk across the neighbourhood without ever having to come out. The manifesto begins by imagining routes that rise above these boundary walls, as elevated structures. However, it transformed into ways of occupying these empty spaces themselves and adapting them to the community's needs.

Armatures | Project Manifesto

Connecting the Hidden Spaces of a City | City as Desired

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