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Mandeera Baghar

In Vasna, a neighbourhood in the southwest of Ahmedabad, a vacant plot, owned by the state government, acts as a dynamic container of activities, aspirations of the everyday. It is surrounded by a fifteen-foot-tall brick wall secluding the APMC market from the settlers living on the other side, a collector road, and a higher- secondary school. This project harnesses the energy and enthusiasm of kids to reactivate a publicly owned space. It revolves around the idea that inculcating play into public space may invite concentrically growing patterns of use. Rejecting the idea that play is just limited to a place of leisure, this project outlines ideas related to playgrounds that develop motor skills, and implements social, creative, and play spaces that cater to different age groups.

Re-imagining Playscapes | Project Manifesto

Play Spaces as Magnets for Public Spaces | City as Desired

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