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Prabhanjan Prabhu

Living together in connected communities makes a place more liveable because of the social encounters, and enhances the quality of life. A city must have such spaces where people can come together, engage socially, and spend quality time with their friends and loved ones. Ahmedabad has numerous potential parks, open grounds, and vacant lands that can enhance such social encounters. Yet, they are fragmented and not easily accessible because barriers like walls, roads, and disruptive edge conditions, creating a disconnect between such spaces. During this lockdown because of the pandemic, the multiple benefits of parks and open spaces have always offered us seem not only are now realized beyond an amenity but a critical lifeline for cities and their residents. Ahmedabad city will experience a huge pressure on its public spaces post lockdown. Thus, it also becomes necessary to enhance the current public spaces the city offers and make them more accessible. The project identifies and builds connections between such spaces to create a network of open spaces. 

Emotional Infrastructure | Project Manifesto

Emotional Infrastructure.jpg

Connecting the Open | City as Desired

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