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Revati Desai

Our cities today lack such spaces that provide us the opportunity to connect with nature. The wilderness of the mill land and the density of housing around is one extreme example. This project choreographs the collision of two extensions of nature; buildings as an extension of people, and trees/landscape as an extension of the ground, it could become a method of integrating people back into a society where the outside of a house plays as much role and meaning in one’s life as the inside. The boundary wall is modulated and reshaped, keeping in mind the different activities it already caters to and the ones it could create in the future.  The trees play the most important role in deciding the new shape of these walls as they are shading devices and enhance our experience of the area. Three sites, whose designs are detailed, to show the different forms the walls can take according to activities that could occur. A social and physical resilience can be built through this interface, by contrasting ecological goals with human ones, and showing how agents (architecture and its inhabitants) transform with time to adapt to their surroundings.

Blurring Edges | Project Manifesto

Blurring Edges | City as Desired

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