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Talking to the City

AMC Attention Campaign 

[1 week]

The studio intended to test each design strategy’s resilience through an imagination of extreme future scenarios (flood, political breakdown, economic excess, crisis). We are now living out one of the extreme scenarios
 we might have studied, speculating about our own cities’ resilience to the impacts of the coronavirus. In response to this, students identified the catalyst of their design – a strategy, an element, a particular site and develop a social media campaign for it that aims to get the attention of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). They used their campaign to propose how their catalyst might offer the city another way to inhabit, or to use, its public space. 

Play Spaces as Magnets for Public Spaces

Mandeera Baghar

Mechanical Operations

Parth Patel

Connecting the Hidden Spaces of a City

Hetvee Panchal

Wall Typologies

Aparnaa C.